SADHU SUNDAR SINGH graphic novel

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Coming soon:  quotes about Sundar Singh by Rev. E. J. Pace, D.D., Corrie ten Boom, and more.
After meeting Sadhu Sundar Singh and hearing his testimony in 1922, Wilhelmina, Queen of the Netherlands, remarked, "What a great message he had for all the world, and for me, too, that nothing in the world is more important than real communication with God." 
Dr. Ravi Zacharias grew up in India in the midst of all the major religions of the world.  At the age of seventeen, while recovering from an attempt to take his own life because of the meaninglessness of it, someone read to him John 14:6 where Jesus said, I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me.  He committed his life to Christ that day and today is one of the world's most renowned Christian apologists. 
In THE CASE FOR FAITH Lee Strobel asked Ravi, "What about people who live in places where the Gospel isn't routinely discussed or where its dissemination is actually outlawed?"  This is how Dr. Zacharias responded:
"I have spoken in many Islamic countries, like Syria, which are tough countries to speak in.  Virtually every Muslim who's come to know Christ has either come to know Christ, number one, because of the love of Christ expressed through another Christian or because of a vision or a dream or a supernatural intervention. 
"One of India's greatest converts was a Sikh, Sundar Singh.  Sundar Singh came to know Christ through an appearance of Christ in his room in a dream one night and had a tremendous impact on his life, and he became a Christian and so on.  So I say that there are ways that God reveals and speaks that are far beyond our own understanding. 
"Now if God is able to give the word of Christ in various settings within ways which are beyond what you and I can understand, if he can speak through general revelation, speak through the conscience, then we have to accept the fact that He tells us that we are without excuse.  Every human being, I understand, will know enough truth so that if they respond to that known truth, God reveals more to them.  Does that mean they have to have as much of a volume of truth as anyone in another setting?  I do not believe that to be so."