Alec Stevens
Spiritual Biography

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Alec Stevens was born on the 22nd of February, 1965 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil where his father was on a military assignment.  Alec's early (denominational) church life was a rather dry experience with one very notable exception:  in 1972-3 he had an elementary Sunday School teacher who radiated Christ's love and taught His Word with Divine inspiration.  "When she sang, the room was literally filled with pillars of cloud and glorious light.  It wasn't until years later that I learned that she was a Spirit-filled Christian who felt called of God to be a light in those classes.  Indeed she was."  As a result, reading the Bible became a truly revelatory experience for Alec in those early, formative years.  "I recall one night while alone in my bedroom, reading a particular passage in a children's Bible---I must have been only seven or eight---when my heart was so opened to the love of Jesus Christ, indeed, I had been wooed and won by His Word, that, quite unexpectedly, His Spirit filled me to overflowing and the room was suddenly brilliant.  The reality of Christ and His love for me were overwhelming.  I could scarcely contain myself, and just as quickly leapt out of bed for fear, overcome by this marvelous but supernatural experience, sputtering, 'W-who are You?  Are You Jesus?', knowing that indeed it was.   This single event left such an impact on me that even in my teen years and early twenties, having moved several times, and despite having stopped attending church once on my own, I could never deny the reality of Jesus Christ. 
"But I had not been well-trained in essential doctrines in my adolescence, and did not understand the war between the fleshly nature and the spiritual nature of a man "born from above".  Nonetheless, God did not forsake me though I sought diligently to deny Him---but couldn't---I thank God for praying friends and relatives.  By 1989, at age 24 I was enjoying much artistic and financial success, and had achieved everything my vain imagination had hoped for in this life.  Suddenly, I found myself in a series of  devastating circumstances:  a stalled career, a failed relationship, mounting debt, and, lastly, failing health from prodigal, decadent living.  I was in the hospital for three days in early 1990, and know that it was a watershed experience for me.  It was there that, in many ways, I had died, and yet lived, but for what purpose? 
"I'd like to say that my (re-)conversion was instantaneous and complete, but that was not so.   Over the next few years I attended church, mid-week Bible studies, and such like, and, gradually, the character of Christ was being formed in me.  Old habits were falling away, and a new understanding of life and its purpose was not only revealed to me but in me. 
"My father and I had not spoken in years, but in 1993 I had gotten word that he was in the hospital, about to die.  Locating him by telephone, I was delighted to find that he had surrendered his life to Jesus Christ several years before, and his liver had been miraculously healed after people from a local church had come to the hospital to pray for him, laying hands upon his body.  We had gotten our relationship back, and I was so happy that God had given me space to 'honour thy father', as the Commandment goes, as he died of a stroke only two weeks later.   An unexpected blessing occurred the weekend following my re-connection with my earthly father:  while sitting in my bedroom in prayer, the Spirit of God arose within me in such a glorious manner that my prayers were as incense rising, and words which I could never express in my flesh began to well up in the midst of my being.  It was a marvelous Spiritual baptism and a great demarcation point of change in my life.  I was never the same after that, ever more aware of the proximity of God to the believer in Jesus Christ, and of His empowerment for service."



In subsequent years he began to see other gifts of the Spirit evidenced in his life as he continued in various ministerial duties which the Lord has set before him.   "Whether they be natural talents or spiritual gifts, they are all for Christ's glory, and I gladly submit their use to Him and His leading," he enthuses.   On a more sober note, Alec states, "God has so personally, pointedly revealed to me His broken heart over His apostate bride.  I'm talking about much of the church in the western world where two extremes seem to be the norm:  dead, dry religion, or the 'prosperity' gospel coupled with bizarre, supernatural manifestations which are of ungodly origin.   Jesus said very clearly, 'Ye shall know a tree by its fruit.'  I thank God for the true remnant of believers who do not seek after signs and wonders, but rather the face of God.  Ironically, such are those whom signs and wonders often follow.  I have been greatly blessed to hear firsthand testimonies of such precious saints."